Srinagar Heritage Trails

An initiative of INTACH, Kashmir Chapter

INTACH, Kashmir Chapter has curated a selection of five walks that delve into the history, architecture and culture of Srinagar's urban landscape. From the city's medieval heritage to its colonial past, the walks bring alive the historical and contemporary evolution of the city of Srinagar.

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Walk 1: Through the Alleys of Shehr-e-Khaas- Medieval Heritage Trail

The old city of Srinagar or the Shehr-e- Khaas is a labyrinth of alleys and bylanes laid out along the Eastern and Western banks of the river Jhelum. A timeless urbanscape, the Shehr-e-Khaas, in its historic religious structures, heritage houses, bustling bazaars and the desolated ghats, embodies the many narratives of the changing tides of Kashmir’s history. On this walk, we take you through the narrow, interconnected passageways of the old city- a historic, quintessential hub of Kashmir’s political, economic and cultural activity. We see the past and the present coming together, with remnants of more than 600 years of Kashmiri heritage co-existing with modern lives.

Precincts/ Structures covered:

Pathar Masjid

Zaina Kadal Bridge


Dumath/ Mazar-e-Salateen

Gurudwara Singh Sabha

Maharajganj Market

Jamia Masjid

Walk 2: The Tales of Naagar Nagar: A Mughal City in Kashmir- Mughal Heritage Trail

Like Delhi, Srinagar too is a city of cities. This walk explores the city of Naagar Nagar: a fortified settlement on the foothills of Hari Parbat hill built by Mughal emperor Akbar. Within the fortification wall exist multiple heritage structures that narrate the history of Mughal rule over Kashmir. Even as the Mughal rule eventually came to an end, the settlement continued to function as a source of livelihood and habitation for locals and migrants alike. It also proved to be politically indispensable to the ruling elite that succeeded the Mughals. On this walk, we visit the shrines and mosques built in this city, the enchanting almond garden and the colossal fort that overlooks Srinagar.

Precincts/ Structures covered:

Gurudwara Chati Patshahi

Kathi Darwaza

Mulla Akhoon Mosque

Ziyarat Sheikh Hamza Makhdoom Sahib

Hari Parbat Fort


Walk 3: Walking Through Srinagar’s Spiritual Landscape- Sufi Heritage Trail

Kashmir, also called the Paer Vaer or the Valley of Saints, has been a major center for the development and spread of Sufi philosophy. While Kashmir developed its own Sufi order (Reshi order), many renowned saints from the central Islamic lands travelled to the region and played a major role in the spread of Islam in the Valley. The social memory of these spiritual figures is enshrined in the khanqahs and aastans that were built in their honor. Today these sites are a living embodiment of the grandeur of Kashmir’s vernacular architectural and craft traditions. On this heritage trail, we explore this sufi heritage of the Valley.

Precincts/ Structures covered:


Dastgeer Sahib

Khanqah Naqshbandi Sahib

Jamia Masjid

Aastan-i-Baha-ud-din Ganj Baksh

Walk 4: A Promenade Along the Bund- Colonial Heritage Walk

This walk explores the colonial heritage of the city of Srinagar. Starting at The Residency, the walk proceeds on to the embankment (The Bund) along the Jhelum. Here an array of buildings, exhibiting a mix of vernacular and European influence in architecture, bring alive the history of Srinagar as the summer capital of the princely state of Jammu and Kashmir in British India. Interspersed with palaces and royal courts, administrative buildings, graveyards and commercial establishments, the walk takes you through some of the major focal points of 19th and 20th century Srinagar.

Precincts/ Structures covered:

Emporium Complex

Mahatta Complex

J&K Bank Building

Sheikh Bagh Cemetery

Lal Chowk Precinct

Hari Singh High Street

Shergarhi Palace Complex

Walk 5: An Ode to the Jhelum- Jhelum Riverfront Heritage Trail

Extending from both the left and right bank of the river Jhelum, the evolution and expansion of the historic city of Srinagar has been determined by the river and its associated canals. The river served not only as the main artery of transportation but also developed as the center of all social and cultural activity. The Jhelum riverfront consists of high stone embankment walls lined with a series of ghats and dotted with palaces, colonial buildings, administrative structures, craft establishments, mosques, shrines, temples and heritage houses. This heritage trail is a boat ride that covers the traditional riverfront of Jhelum, stretching along both banks of the river from Zero bridge up to Safa Kadal.

Boarding Point: Peerzu Restaurant

Precincts/ Structures covered:


J&K Bank Building

SPS Museum

Sadar Court Complex

Shergarhi Palace

Divisional Commissioner’s Office

Lal Ded Cultural Center

Ganpatyar Temple

Purshyar Temple

Sheshyar Temple

Ragunath Mandir



Mosque of Rinchin Shah

Shrine of Syed Mohammed Amin Mantaqi (Owaissi Sahib)

Batyar Temple

Bulbul Lankar

Rupa Bhawani Temple

Mausoleum of Thag Baba Sahib

Yarkand Sarai



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